What’s all the Fizz about?

Premium Champagne

Champagne Occasions offers a premium range of champagnes and gift wares for the discerning present buyer! As well as a selection of luxury champagnes, Champagne Occasions offers a wonderful selection of delightful products and accessories, perfect as a gift for any occasion.
Choose from our wonderful bottles or magnums of champagne to our gift vouchers, tasting events, champagne flutes and bottle stoppers. Our gifts are for the ultimate special present.
Make your own selection and have it delivered straight to your door, or theirs. Our e-vouchers can be sent direct to you or the recipient; you choose.
Either purchase your champagne here or contact us for further ideas!

What’s all the Fizz about?

Travelling to my most recent Champagne tasting, I noticed that Spring has sprung …. not too apparent lately with all the rain and howling winds. But, rain or shine, Champagne suits any weather.

Meeting a group of 24 in Surrey at the weekend confirmed this. We were all situated in a huge conservatory, sipping a delectable range of 7 Champagnes. There was brilliant sunshine all around us and we were surrounded by daffodils, crocuses, tulips and tree blossom, belying the tumultuous weather we have been experiencing recently. It felt like the perfect summer’s day and the Champagne and canapés slipped down nicely.

Champagne Occasions has been invited to attend a number of garden parties this year and from experience, we know that our range of champagnes are wonderfully suited to the perfect garden party with sparkling, delectable fair on offer. From hog roasts, to savoury tartlets, to bowls bursting with fruits and salads to decadent meringues and brownies, not to mention the copious amounts of our Borel Lucas champagnes and our recently added Champagne cocktails.

If you have a party coming up in the next few months, or you’re efficient and organised to be planning a winter get-together, Champagne Occasions are available for bookings throughout 2020. Get in touch!

Fancy something a bit further afield? Champagne Occasions organises trips to France, to the Champagne region where you can sample wonderful Champagnes from several boutique Champagne houses.

We’ll be happy to help fulfil your dreams, cater for your parties or show you around the wonderful Champagne region. Contact us, we’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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