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It’s amazing what part chance and fate plays in life. A deal struck on a family holiday means the Wills family now run a thriving Boutique wine company and you are now reading this article, possibly already a Borel Lucas fan, or maybe wanting to know a little bit more?

“The story began in 2012 whilst on holiday at St. Simeon, near the Champagne region of France. Amongst the various vineyard tours, we stumbled across a boutique producer called Borel Lucas. This was the beginning of love affair that, in November 2012, helped us to arrive at the point where we had exclusive rights to sell Borel Lucas in Britain, as they entered the UK market for the first time. We absolutely loved their champagne. We’d sampled many of the fizz offered back home by the ‘main’ champagne producers but, to be brutal, we considered much of it as supermarket fodder: ordinary and definitely over-priced on the shop shelves.”

“I stopped the car suddenly on the road back to Calais.  I turned and stared at the back of the car, which was laden with cases of Borel Lucas Champagne.  I looked at my wife and said, ‘What have we done?  We now have to sell all this when we get back!’  The wine in the car represented only a small proportion of what we had tasked ourselves to sell.  At that moment the full realisation of our actions hit home.  We were to be the face of Borel Lucas in the UK and the real journey was just about to begin….”

Chris Wills – GDB of Champagne Occasions (GDB = General Dog’s Body!)

“We determined that the UK needed to know about Borel Lucas’ exquisite range of champagnes and set out on la grande mission to let Britain try this hitherto well-kept secret in the world of fine wine.  We are evangelistic in our approach and now sell the wine, at very fair prices, at shows, through a few very select stockists and via this website.”

“In short, we are a family run company that has been fortunate enough to turn a passion into a business. We really hope you too will share our vision and spread the word…”