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Champagne Occasions offers a premium range of champagnes and gift wares for the discerning present buyer! As well as a selection of luxury champagnes, Champagne Occasions offers a wonderful selection of delightful products and accessories, perfect as a gift for any occasion.
Choose from our wonderful bottles or magnums of champagne to our gift vouchers, tasting events, champagne flutes and bottle stoppers. Our gifts are for the ultimate special present.
Make your own selection and have it delivered straight to your door, or theirs. Our e-vouchers can be sent direct to you or the recipient; you choose.
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Bringing Joy to June

June is normally a blissful month for 3 reasons; champagne, strawberries & Wimbledon. Well 2 out of 3 ‘aint’ bad! You supply the strawberries, I’ll supply the Champagne.  What’s better than a cool, fresh delectable Rose to pair with your summer strawberries and this glorious sunshine? Our Rose Champagne is packed with summer fruit flavours and brings joy to any June day. We are the sole importer of this champagne which is from boutique champagne house Borel Lucas, situated in Etoges, just [...]


Champagne Borel Lucas during Lockdown….

Champagne During Lockdown! The great news is, the supply chain is still open!  Hooray! Hauliers are still running from France to the UK so we can all breath a deep sigh of releif. Due to lockdown all Champagne tasting parties have had to be cancelled. This of course means that we have lots of Champagne to go around and I am continuing to deliver on-line Champagne tastings Thursday – Saturday. Have you booked in yet? To keep you updated [...]


Every Cloud!….

Government updated list of essential retailers allowed to open during the pandemic, include those selling alcohol! Champagne for sale! In light of the recent update Champagne Occasions are happy to announce that they are operating a new home delivery service.  Rather than visit the shop, take a look at our website for some of the best French Champagne, for sale, in the UK and decide what you would like to try.  We will deliver your Champagne straight to your door. Maybe you have [...]


What’s all the Fizz about?

Travelling to my most recent Champagne tasting, I noticed that Spring has sprung …. not too apparent lately with all the rain and howling winds. But, rain or shine, Champagne suits any weather. Meeting a group of 24 in Surrey at the weekend confirmed this. We were all situated in a huge conservatory, sipping a delectable range of 7 Champagnes. There was brilliant sunshine all around us and we were surrounded by daffodils, crocuses, tulips and tree [...]


Champagne for all Occasions

Champagne is often an acquired taste and people discover the pleasure of champagne at various stages of their life, as their tastes develop. Remember, our pallets develop over time and we often hear of people who ‘don’t get’ champagne as a 21 year old, but really enjoy sparkling wine as they get older. But what exactly is champagne? Strict rules govern the production of champagne and the secret of its fizz is a secondary fermentation of the wine in the bottle to create carbonation.   It [...]