Champagne Borel Lucas during Lockdown….

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Champagne Borel Lucas during Lockdown….

Champagne During Lockdown!

The great news is, the supply chain is still open!  Hooray! Hauliers are still running from France to the UK so we can all breath a deep sigh of releif. Due to lockdown all Champagne tasting parties have had to be cancelled. This of course means that we have lots of Champagne to go around and I am continuing to deliver on-line Champagne tastings Thursday – Saturday. Have you booked in yet?

To keep you updated with what’s happening over in France. I am still in regular contact with Christophe who is still permitted to work in the vineyards. The only slight different to their production is that bottling from last years’ harvest has been put back until this summer.  As you know from the news, Coronavirus has hit, all over France. Christophe has informed me that his mother Roseline,  following on from the local municipal elections has contracted the virus (she was a counting officer).  She has remained at home under close medical supervision and hasn’t been admitted to hospital.  It looks like she is going to make a full recovery.  Obviously, Christophe has been very worried and is delighted that she is coming out the other side of this frightening illness. And, he says it has been difficult not to be able to visit his mother.  Apparently, Borel Lucas Champagne remains the only viable medicine.  Doctors did prescribe a small amount of Borel Lucas Champagne a day which seems to have done the trick.  Have your ordered yours yet?  Due to the success of the last on-line Champagne tasting we are going to re-run this again next weekend.  Get your orders in!

Please get in touch, we will get your Champagne out.  We look forward to you having a Champagne tasting house party.

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