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The Borel-Lucas Dynasty

There’s something about the vineyard.  Located in the heart of the village of Etoges, neighbour of the Côte des Blancs, the Borel-Lucas House was founded in 1929 by Marcel Lucas. Each generation of the Lucas family has worked hard to enhance their expertise and improve the quality of Champagne. Whether it’s marketing, the acquisition of equipment or cultivation of vines, the Borel-Lucas House has lovingly passed on knowledge from father to son, through the ages, without ever losing the essence of precision and their dedication to the quality of the product.

Nowadays, Champagne Borel-Lucas is developed through the collaboration of Jean-Marie & family: Roseline, Christophe and Celine Crépaux. Their vineyards are located in Etoges, Cramant village in the Côte des Blancs Grand Cru and also Courtemont-Varennes. Their desire is to combine the know-how inherited with a daily rigorous preparation for the earth, care of the raw materials and the local knowledge that creates and maintains a high quality standard. Roughly translated into English from Christophe himself, “Champagne Borel-Lucas spreads the love of truth, careful and accurate work, joy in our beautiful wine for all our customers.”

Expertise and Tradition

Maintaining independence amongst a sea of large Champagne House mediocrity is sacrosanct to the family. Champagne Borel-Lucas, therefore, ensure that meticulous processes of winemaking (cold treatment, bottling, bleeding) are undertaken. Proper management ensures close control of the product right through harvest to its final form in the bottle.

The traditional press has been preserved, allowing the extraction of maximum juice with minimum pressure. Cellars, dating from 1935, welcome the different vintages of Champagne Borel-Lucas.  They are matured for a minimum of thirty months, giving even the house champagne a sophisticated taste. The wine selections containing 100% Chardonnay from the vineyards of Cramant Grand Cru, rest for a further six months.

For a private tasting, or for a tour of the vineyard, please contact us.

Champagne Borel-Lucas pays great attention to its products, but also to customers. The team is committed to dialogue with the customer, resulting in a true exchange of views and transparency in the development of its champagnes. This is why Borel-Lucas has built up a very loyal following who view the wines with reverence.