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Champagne Occasions offers a premium range of champagnes and gift wares for the discerning present buyer! As well as a selection of luxury champagnes, Champagne Occasions offers a wonderful selection of delightful products and accessories, perfect as a gift for any occasion.
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About Our Champagne

About our Champagne – After extensive research around the Champagne region, we fell upon the wonderful Champagne House Borel Lucas.  Each exquisite champagne has its own uniqueness and can be enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with different sumptuous foods. Read on for a full flavour of what we offer or call us for more detail and information. 

The entry level for Borel-Lucas is their Cuvée Reserve. Blended from 80% Pinot Meunier, 10% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir, this distinctive Cuvée Reserve has a beautiful shine in the champagne flute. The bubbles and finesse in the glass signify the fruity aromatic palette that awaits the lucky recipient. Ideal Champagne gifts for her or him and for that special occasion.

Note the granny apple, cherry plum and apricot, but also tobacco and hazelnut: noble aromas of maturity. The palate is supple and fresh with a creamy fondue effervescence. The wine reveals powerful fleshy undertones with a density reminiscent of pear and green tea. The balance of this wine is fresh and would complement fresh salmon with Champagne lentillons.  This beautiful champagne is perfect for sharing or  as a special Champagne gift for her or him, or indeed for celebrating that special occasion with friends.

The Cuvée is also available in Demi-Sec, where the flavours are sweet and mild, with honey, apple sauce, Turkish delight and rose. This pleasant sensation of sweetness in the mouth takes on a rich texture, sappy and delicious.  Sweet enough to use as a dessert wine, this champagne will happily accompany a tart tatin and ice cream with bergamot.

For those who love to sip a rosé on a warm summer’s day, then try the scrumptious Cuvée Rosé Brut Reserve, made with 10% red wine (Pinot Noir) to impart its blush. The bubbles are very thin and languid, forming bright white foam on top; highlighting the brilliance of this Cuvée Rosé’s salmon hues. On the nose, stewed fruit mingle with aromas of red fruits. Strawberry notes and hints of fresh fruit cake (many stone fruit notes) are also apparent. In the mouth this rosé is delicious and sweet, finely structured and balanced. This refined wine defines elegant and can be enjoyed with friends over lunch, BBQs, at the races, or indeed any social gathering!

The Borel-Lucas range employs its unique expertise to continually search for the holy grail of the greatest vintage, to place lovers of their champagne in taste heaven. Grapes expertly nurtured in Grand Cru classified areas produce wines that then lie for no less than thirty months in cellars dug in 1935. This allows Reserve wines, Rosé and Soleil d’Or (now on the 2012 vintage) to develop taking on the subtleties of what the French call “terroir”. Literally meaning ‘earth’ or ‘soil’ Christophe believes the champagne can literally impart a taste of “Home”.

The top end of the range selections use 100% Chardonnay grapes from the vineyards of Cramant Grand Cru and lie in the cellar a further six months. They are nothing short of spectacular in their depth and flavour.  This spectacular champagne makes a wonderful Champagne gift for her or for celebrating a special engagement or anniversary.  Truly exquisite.

The Cuvee Art Divin, Blanc de Blancs has a discreet and delicate nose, opening with aromas of white fruits identified by the citrus notes (blood orange) and lemonade. These open up further to reveal aromas of biscuits and fresh hazelnut. The palate offers discreet notes of gingerbread and cinnamon with a smooth finish.

Borel-Lucas offer two Grand Cru champagnes: a non-vintage and their Cuvee Soleil d’Or (2012). The vision is one of miraculous trains of gold plated bubbles rising up like angels in a greenish tint with a white glare. Aromas of wheat walled candied fruit, best quality acacia and dried apricot are underscored with subtle floral notes (iris and saffron); a complex marriage of aromatic refinement. The Soleil is built on elegance; one navigates the labyrinthine finesse of apricot, plum and green lime flavours to ascend to a taste utopia.

The long attention to detail and love that goes into the making of Borel-Lucas champagnes means that those of us who have discovered the secret can enjoy now, without having to wait any longer for the heavenly flavours to develop!